25 Moments Real Men & Women Knew They'd Found Their Spouse

When it comes to spending the rest of your life with someone, it's a serious decision. So it's interesting how most of us make it. There seems to just come a moment when you suddenly "know" that this is the person you want to marry. Maybe you've only been dating five minutes (as happened to one woman), maybe for five years, but at some point, some kind of magic chemistry happens and you think, "This is the person I want to spend eternity with!!" Here are 25 moments real people realized they wanted to spend the rest of their lives with that special man or woman.


1. I knew I'd marry him when we made it through six months of me studying abroad. He came to visit me in London after five months and we still were ridiculously into each other ... No love lost at all -- if anything our love was stronger.

2. We had only been dating like a month and met in Chicago for the weekend. Went to the hotel concierge to make dinner reservations, and the dude called me "Mrs. Fischer." I was mortified, but he didn't even blink -- and actually got a kick out of it. That's when I knew he was super serious. [Thanks Mary Fischer, in case the name didn't give it away!]

3. We were at karaoke and he twirled me around to some song and said, "This is the song we’ll dance to at our wedding." I can’t even remember the song but I married him.

4. He took me for a ride on his motorcycle.

5. I knew just about five minutes after our lunch together after re-meeting each other -- we knew one another in elementary school.

6. I knew he was "The One" when he asked me how my day was and really wanted to know. He loved hearing about my day. My other boyfriends were entirely too self-obsessed to even care.

7. I knew I'd marry her when I realized there was more valuable stuff in our relationship than annoying stuff. And there was some annoying stuff!

8. When I sent him a short story I'd written and he actually wrote back a very thoughtful analysis of it.

9. He said he'd "eat bees" for me.

10. I knew I'd marry him when we sat and talked one day and I realized that he had the same dysfunctional past as I did. For once I had met someone who understood my emotions, my fears, my wants, wishes, and dreams. He knew what it was like to fight to make your life better in a world and a lifetime that had been so dysfunctional on so many levels. He is and always will be my best friend.

11. When he cleaned his bathtub meticulously so that I could soak in a hot bath after I ran the NYC marathon. This is a man who NEVER cleans anything EVER!

12. When we spent two weeks summer road-tripping and tenting it through Canada and down to Washington, D.C., and back to Michigan (including thunderstorms, car problems, and trying to get out of impossible 4th of July crowds in record heat). We never ran out of things to talk about or having fun!

13. He crouched down and spoke quietly to his bosses' wild toddlers who had been melting down at the office holiday party.

14. He held my hand. That one will sound sweet when I'm 92. It makes me sound just plain silly now.

15. I heard his voice on my voicemail and realized I couldn't do without that exact voice in my life.

16. He bought my son and me fishing rods and reels, as well as quietly paying our health insurance for six months in advance.

17. Here's the most unromantic response you'll receive, but a completely honest one. It was when we started to think seriously about having kids, so the kids and I would be protected financially.

18. I had a weak moment.

19. While cleaning up my vomit, he noted the presence of an olive slice and said, "You really need to chew your food better."

20. When she didn't mock me for screwing up my son's travel plans and instead helped me work out a plan to get him to a friend's wedding where he was scheduled to sing.

21. When he could bounce Smiths lyrics back to me faster and more accurately than any other bloke!

22. When, after an argument, I wanted to run out of the room like I normally did with fights, but he picked up a chair and sat down in front of me, blocking my exit. Then he said, "How can I make this better?"

23. I saw how affectionate his parents were with each other.

24. He offered to watch my cats for me while I was away. Even though he's sort of allergic.

25. She asked me.

When did you know he or she was "the one"?


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