5 Crazy Relationship Dealbreakers That Will Stop You From Finding True Love

DealbreakerA new study has come out from an electronic cigarette company naming some of the five most obvious dealbreakers in relationships. Some of them are big while others are surprisingly small -- as in, you would leave a man over THAT?! Really?

To me, it really depends on where you are in the relationship. What is a dealbreaker at 10 months in might not be at 10 years in. I would just hope we would be broken up long before we made it to the 10-year mark in that case.

For me, things like cheating and lying are right off the bat going to set off alarm bells. Smaller things that can be worked out -- like smoking or watching too many sports on television -- might be able to be dealt with without ending it. According to the SKYCIG survey, the biggest dealbreakers in a relationship are smoking, followed by not listening, bad money management, laziness, and more. Some of these are good, but some are just ... dumb. Here are five other crazy dealbreakers I have heard from other women:

What is your deal breaker? Do you have one?


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  • Never Paying


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    Another person I know had a boyfriend who made roughly five times what she made and guess what?! He still never paid for anything. To her mind, he was always going to be stingy and that was a dealbreaker. Actually makes a lot of sense, no?

  • Living With His Parents Past 25


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    I don't care if the new generation HAS earned the nickname the "boomerang generation." It's still weird to live with your parents. And for some women, this is a total dealbreaker.

  • He Can't Fix Things


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    Not every man has to be a Mr. Fix-It. It's OK if he can hire people to do things. You could still love him. But for some women, this is their line in the sand.

  • Hogging the Remote


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    A whopping 15 percent of women would break up with a man for ... wait for it ... HOGGING THE REMOTE?! That seems insane, but you know, maybe some women can't wait to get their Dancing With the Stars on. Or something. The truth is, in the end, if something is a dealbreaker for you, then it's probably OK. Not everyone has to agree. So go ahead. Dump him over the remote.

  • Wearing Your Clothing


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    A woman I know claims her boyfriend always wanted to wear her underwear and clothing. After a while, it just got weird. Hmmm. After a while, you say? I would think that one would have freaked me out right from the get-go! Yikes.


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