Are You Still in Love With Your Ex?

So you're hanging out with your new boy and all of a sudden, he leans in to give you a kiss and you're transported back to that one time with your ex. Suddenly, you're bathing in the memories of the good times you and your ex once had, wishing he were beside you and wondering why you're feeling all mixed up.

Could it be? Could you still be in love with your ex?

I vote NO.


First, I should probably clarify that I've never dated an ex again after we've broken up, which is a cardinal rule for me: never date an ex. I know a lot of people do just that: they break up, make up, break up, make up ad nauseum.

So why are you bathing in those feelings about your ex? Why is your relationship playing out in a nice montage with a Celine Dion song in the background?

Simple. Leftovers.

It's really easy to hold onto those leftover feelings about your ex. It's the reason we don't walk around holding our heads in our hands steeped in regret, wondering why, oh why, we bothered with that bleeping jerk.

It's so beyond easy to forget about all of those ugly moments, the reasons you broke up, the reasons you're not actually in love with the guy any more. That montage of happy pictures set to that Celine Dion song is a really hard one to shake.

But your ex is your ex for a reason.

Which is why you can hold onto the happy bits of your former relationship, make them out to be better than they actually were, and occasionally reminisce about all the sweet times without going back to your ex or getting hung up on wistfulness and what if's.

Because moving on? Better than living in the past.

Have you ever pined for an ex?


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