What's the First Thing Men Notice About Women? It May Not Be What You Think

eyesQuick! What's the first thing you think men notice about you? If you said boobs (like I would have), you would be wrong. According to a survey from Murine eye drops of over 1,000 men, the first thing men notice when meeting a woman is ... her eyes?!

OK, so that is a LITTLE suspicious coming from an eye drop company. But the reality is, it's probably not that far off. Men probably do look at our faces first. And, in fact, there is an order to how they take us in.

According to men I know, they DO look at our faces first, but that doesn't really mean much given they can completely take us ALL in in about 10 seconds. According to the survey, which ought to be taken with a grain of salt, here are the eight things men notice about women in descending order:


What do you think men notice first?

Image via Look Into My Eyes/Flickr

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