Full-Frontal Alexander Skarsgard Kicks Off the Most Hilarious Debate About the Male Body (PHOTOS)

eric northman snowFull-Frontal Alexander Skarsgard ... what else is there to say, really? I mean, let's face it: Full-Frontal Alexander Skarsgard is the very best kind of Alexander Skarsgard there could ever be, and Alexander Skarsgard is the very best kind of man there could ever be, so, well, FF ASkars pretty much cover all the bases you ever cared about in one fell swoop. Ya dig? 

Or so I thought. Apparently, however, there's a LOT more to say about Full-Frontal Alexander Skarsgard than merely ** stares blankly, jaw on floor **. That's right, for some reason the split-second junk shot destined for record-setting slow-motion replays from Sunday's True Blood Season 6 Finale has been stirring up all sorts of debate -- much of it rather mean-spirited -- about Eric Northman's Hammer of the Gods, so to speak (that's sort of a Viking reference, right?). 


Too big? Too small? Just right? To say nothing of the potentially size-changing powers of that snowy mountain top ... anyway, point is, people are obsessed with what's in Alexander Skarsgard's pants (what else is new?) and they've been saying some dang funny stuff about it. Here are a few of the funniest remarks we've seen on the interwebs this week, illustrated by stills from a few of our favorite True Blood characters' funniest moments.

Images via HBO

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