Bride Who Asked 80 of Her 'Closest Friends' to Be Bridesmaids Must've Been Nutso

bridesmaid bouquetOf all the decisions a bride has to make about her Big Day, who will be a bridesmaid can be one of the most emotional, challenging, and potentially gut-wrenching! Because even if you're absolutely positive that you only want your three closest friends, or only your sisters and sisters-in-law, your decision is sure to be questioned. You may even get a guilt trip from a family member or friend. It's unfortunately just one of those annoying, stressful realities of planning a wedding. And occasionally, all that annoying stress leads a bride to go against her better instincts and opting to make certain people or a certain number of people her bridesmaids ...

One bride recently felt SO pressured to please that she asked 80 women to be bridesmaids. INSANE!


When trying to figure out who she would have as bridesmaids, the 26-year-old dance teacher named Katie Dalby felt she had to choose among three sisters-in-law, her niece, her cousin, her best friend, and ... 74 members of her Boogie Shoes Dance Academy! Because she says she "didn't want to exclude anyone," she asked them ALL to be bridesmaids. So she had 80 women -- aged two to 17 years old -- dressed in pink and surrounding her on her Big Day in Harwich, Essex, U.K.

Sure, it looks pretty cool, at least judging from the photo the Mirror ran of the happy couple sitting in the middle of the troop of a bridal party in a HUGE heart configuration ... But can you imagine having to deal with that many personalities? That many dresses to be ordered and altered? That many people in one place at one time, trying to get them to focus and look at the camera? Sounds like a total nightmare

Hey, if this wacky decision ultimately made Katie happy and her day especially memorable, more power to her. Brides should always go with their gut and have whoever they want in their bridal party ... But I'm a strong believer that excluding some people is perfectly acceptable ... even advised! NO bride should be pressured to include all the special women in her life as bridesmaids. From what I've heard, most would prefer to avoid the expense and stress and just be guests anyway!

What do you think about this bride's choice? Did you feel pressured to have certain people as bridesmaids?

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