Spouse Going Through Bitter Divorce Vents in Heartbreakingly Funny Amazon Review

love crossed out on notebookMany people who go through a divorce see the silver lining, even in cases where it was an especially painful experience. They feel like they have a new lease on life, or they're reborn in a way. Some find a new passion to pursue and become an even happier, healthier version of themselves. Meanwhile, there are those who come to realize what they actually need in life ... like file folders

Oh yes! Someone clearly in the midst of a very bitter divorce recently sang the praises of Smead Hanging File Folders by writing a wacky customer review on Amazon. Entitled, "If you’re getting divorced you need these," it might be the funniest/saddest thing you've read all day ...


It reads:

These will help you organize your soul-crushing divorce into easy-to-find packets of misery when you have to go to court to battle your insane drug-addicted ex (again) over custody of your two traumatized children. Don’t put your pain in a pile! Let these hanging file folders neatly catalog the narrative of how you undid the worst mistake you’ve ever made. Your lawyer will thank you.

Aggghh. Wow. I mean, wow. Way to share so much in such an itsy, bitsy, limited character space. And in such a simultaneously hilarious AND heartbreaking way!

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Some may think it's pretty strange to get over your divorce by posting an angry review for file folders on Amazon. They might assume it's neither fulfilling nor helpful nor productive to vent about the rough split and custody battle in such a random, public way ...

But hey, I say to each their own. Divorce is hard! Who's to say one person's arbitrary review on Amazon isn't another man's intensive emotional therapy? More power to anyone who can figure out an effective way of coping with their frustration, anger, sadness, grief, etc. As long as no one gets hurt or defamed, even a biting Amazon review seems a-okay.

What do you make of this?


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