7 Completely Unexpected Ways to Set Your Sex Life on Fire (PHOTOS)

woman rolling suitcaseOne of the easiest ways to get people's attention is by talking about sex, baby. So it's no surprise a new sex study about one easy way couples can boost their sex lives by spending a night apart once a month comes to us courtesy of ... U.K. based Blue Rainbow Aparthotels. Yup, obviously a "boutique, serviced apartment" company would be a big advocate of one partner staying away from home! (And they think they're so sneaky!)

Still, okay, I'll give 'em one thing ... Spending even just one night apart a month really is a smart way to miss one another -- and send sparks flying. But it's not the only surprising, counter-intuitive trick couples can invoke to energize intimacy. Here, six other unexpected but awesome ways to turn up the heat between the sheets ... 


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