7 Completely Unexpected Ways to Set Your Sex Life on Fire (PHOTOS)

Maressa Brown | Aug 19, 2013 Love & Sex

woman rolling suitcaseOne of the easiest ways to get people's attention is by talking about sex, baby. So it's no surprise a new sex study about one easy way couples can boost their sex lives by spending a night apart once a month comes to us courtesy of ... U.K. based Blue Rainbow Aparthotels. Yup, obviously a "boutique, serviced apartment" company would be a big advocate of one partner staying away from home! (And they think they're so sneaky!)

Still, okay, I'll give 'em one thing ... Spending even just one night apart a month really is a smart way to miss one another -- and send sparks flying. But it's not the only surprising, counter-intuitive trick couples can invoke to energize intimacy. Here, six other unexpected but awesome ways to turn up the heat between the sheets ... 

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  • Get older


    Although society loves to think the younger you are, the better your sex life is, researchers say the opposite is true. Embrace that next birthday, and you'll probably enjoy sex even more. Researchers found that older people have better sex, citing better body image, more confidence and a stronger relationship as being the key reasons the older you are, the better your sex life is likely to be! Awesome!

  • Play video games


    Although you might guess that playing video games too frequently could kill your sex life, women who play them are more likely to have sex at least once a week than women who don’t. The habit is also good for your love life in general: A majority — 64 percent — of the female gamers surveyed were in serious relationships ... at least so says poll by market research firm Harris Interactive.

  • Stop drinking


    We've been brainwashed to believe that drinking is one of the best ways to mellow out, let down our guard, and get even closer to our partners, but alcohol's also such a depressant that it can totally put a damper on sex. Cutting back or skipping it altogether can have a seriously energizing effect!

  • Watch really bad porn together


    Even making fun of it together could be a surprisingly fun new form foreplay. (If you're not interested in watching, you could always read Fifty Shades of Grey aloud to one another ...)

  • Do housework


    While doing household chores seems like the absolute last thing to get you in the mood, research shows that men and women who do more housework have more sex. And women whose male partners help more with housework may be more satisfied with their relationships, also leading to more sex ... Thus, nevermind that ridiculous study from earlier this year that said men who did fewer "traditionally female" chores had more sex. Pfft! Equal opportunity cleaning = equal opportunity shtupping!

  • Get hot


    While you'd generally assume that being at a comfortable temperature would be most conducive to getting it on, an admittedly sorta silly finding from Trojan disagrees. They claim people in warm cities like Miami have more sex than those in colder ones. But they’re still more likely to abstain when the weather gets too hot ... So maybe the lesson here is ... turn down the AC, and you'll turn on your partner?

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