Couple Whose Wedding Picture Went Viral Is Proof Beauty Isn't Just Skin Deep (PHOTO)

Every love story has a certain degree of “awww” factor, but this one stands out for a few different reasons. When Brandon Wylie posted his wedding day photo on Facebook to commemorate six happy years of marriage with his better half, Nicole, he was just a guy making a sweet gesture to celebrate his anniversary. (Good man, Brandon.)

Much to both of their surprise, the pic got more than 100 likes. Then 300. Then 500. “By the time we got home that evening, we literally had about 700 likes,” he told Black and Married With Kids. "I said ‘what is going on?’ She doesn’t know 700 people!" Six hours after he shared it, the photo he’s been posting every year since they got hitched had garnered about 3,000 likes.

It’s gone viral and has generated buzz because Nicole has vitiligo. In her, folks have been reminded that love is available to everyone.


She’s gorgeous no matter how you slice it, but it’s nice to be reminded that you don’t have to look like every cookie-cutter Hollywood glamazon in order for love to land at your doorstep and come on in to stay.

“My story was basically just because you’re different doesn’t mean you can’t have a happily ever after. I hope and pray my confidence shines through my three little girls,” Nicole said. “Yes, they know mommy looks different but mommy held her head high and she walked tall and beautiful. So, I hope that it reflects on them as well.”

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Wonderful sentiment indeed. But pause: can we talk about how incredibly adorable this trio of little girl marvelousness is? Could they be any more precious?

Newly inspired young women with vitiligo have reached out to Nicole since the Photo Seen Around the World became a shareable sensation. Some felt like they were assigned to a life of perpetual singlehood because of their skin condition, but in seeing her and reading her story, they have renewed belief that they can look forward to falling in love, being loved back, and getting married, too.

It’s awesome when you help and encourage other people just by being you.

Image via Katsunojiri/Flickr

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