20 Things You Can Do to Forget Your Ex -- Inspired by Kristen Stewart

kristen stewartBreakups are hard. No one knows that better than Kristen Stewart. She has been miserable since she and Twilight costar-turned-boyfriend Robert Pattinson officially called it quits. The actress has been having such a hard time, she's been throwing herself into work in an attempt to move on. Her newest passion project: writing a movie script. Sources tell Hollywood Life that she has also signed up for an English course at UCLA. She certainly could use the distraction right now and what a wonderful and productive way to channel her energy. Here are 20 great ways to help get your mind off your ex.

  1. Start a novel.
  2. Train for a marathon.
  3. Learn to kick box (just don't pretend the punching bag is his head).
  4. Take a language class.
  5. Look for a new job.
  6. Get a pet.
  7. Start your own blog on something you love.
  8. Take on an extra project at work.
  9. Go visit family members in another state.
  10. Plan a trip with your BFF.
  11. Volunteer at a children's shelter or soup kitchen.
  12. End your diet and enjoy food.
  13. Take a cooking course.
  14. Have a Brad Pitt (or any other hot actor) movie night.
  15. Join a sports league, like softball or volleyball.
  16. Revamp your wardrobe.
  17. Read a stack of novels, even if it's mommy porn like Fifty Shades of Grey or silly chick lit.
  18. Plant a garden.
  19. Start biking.
  20. Try giving up something that's bad for you -- aside from him, of course.

What are other things women can do to get their mind off a bad breakup?


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