Bride Sells Her Disastrous Wedding Cake on eBay to Publicly Shame the Baker (PHOTOS)

black tire wedding cakeBrides are often accused of picky, neurotic, and diva behavior, but as a recent one myself, I'm here to say that sometimes, they have every right to lose their minds. Take, for instance, what happened to one U.K. bride named Celia, who plainly requested of her wedding cake baker a black wedding cake that resembled three stacked tires. (See example photo to the left.) Now, I'm sure the design wouldn't be many brides' cup of tea, but no matter. There was obviously special significance behind the vehicle-inspired cake for the happy couple. Or maybe I shouldn't say happy, because when they saw how their cake turned out, they were anything but!

The bride was so annoyed, in fact, that she posted the cake on eBay, in what appeared to be an attempt to sell it ... Though what she was really doing was jokingly "cake-shaming" the baker.

Check out the ugly, totally off-base cake ...


cake on sale ebay

See what I mean? Ew!! What IS that?!

In her eBay ad, Celia notes:

A few defects due to maker being unskilled. Uncut, along with large amount of awful cupcakes for free. No topper or decoration. Unusual design. Very heavy. ... Complete disaster ... offers please? I have roses which fell off this abomination if required. Sorry no returns.

Ouch, huh? But I don't blame her! All you have to do is glimpse at the photo of the cake she requested alongside what she received on her wedding day to see that her cake maker had absolutely NO regard for what their client wanted.

This seems to happen in the wedding world. You sometimes run into vendors who consider themselves artists with their own vision -- brides and grooms with a particular idea of their own in mind be damned! Occasionally, it's for the best. For instance, I'd trust David Tutera to overhaul a Wizard of Oz or winter wonderland wedding gone awry any day!

But it's apparent that not every vendor knows better than their client. And in this case, they certainly did not! For refusing to follow Celia's specifications, this baker deserved to be publicly shamed. And I kinda hope other bakers who think it's okay to veer so far off-course see this as a cautionary tale! 

Do you think this bride was right to cake-shame her baker on eBay?


Images via eBay

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