6 Ways Brothers & Sisters Really Do Prepare You for Marriage

siblingsA new study is suggesting that people with siblings make better spouses and that they are, in fact, less likely to divorce than those who don't have siblings or who have less siblings. In fact, your risk for divorce goes down by 2 percent for every sibling you have. Finally! A reason for all those hideous fights! Am I right?

The thing is, this study could really be filed under one word: Duh. Anyone who grew up with siblings knows that marriage is actually not all that terribly dissimilar. There are constant negotiations, worries about sharing, fights, and dramatic make-ups. Minus the sex, marriage does look an awful lot like the relationship we once shared with those who lived in our house.

Here are 6 ways siblings really do prepare us for the ultimate life commitment:


1.) Sharing is caring: I see this with my kids all the time. They want to kill each other, and they squabble and fight, sure, but they are also best friends. Sam would never get a lollipop without also getting one for her brother. You learn to think about others pretty early. My paycheck is your paycheck, dear.

2.) Constant companionship: My kids are used to having someone up in their space 24/7. It's not unlike a marriage. You get used to someone being in your space and that becomes A-OK.

3.) Us against them mentality: Siblings have each other's backs. This is early training for a marriage. My kids may fight one another, but God help the person who tries to step in between them or hurt the other one. There will be hell to pay! This is a lot like a marriage, too.

4.) Fighting followed by love: Sure, there are some big fights (some even bigger than others), but there is also big, big love. That is what it's all about. In marriage, it's much the same. Most married people experience a few epic fights, but they also know how to go right back to working together. Those of us with siblings learned to practice this early.

5.) Sharing a room: The expectation of our own space, far from other people, isn't that high when you share a room with a sibling. It makes sharing a room with a spouse a piece of cake!

6.) A best friend: Siblings are, above all, best friends (at least when it's good). When you all move out and go off to college, it can be sad to lose all that. You get all that back (and then some) with marriage with the bonus of forever!

How did your siblings prepare you for marriage?


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