Funny Wedding RSVP Card Is One Surprise Guests Should Be Grateful For (PHOTO)

wedding invitationSome brides-now-newlyweds out there have really been making the rest of us look so bad! There was the chick who asked her guests to go vegan cleanse for her wedding, the couple who've gone nutso on guests for gifting less than expected, and oh yea, the bridezilla sisters who asked their dad to get Botox for their Big Days. Ugh ... I don't know about you, but I am still cringing. Thankfully, a new trend has popped up as somewhat of an antidote to all the nastiness: Funny RSVPs!

Couples are sharing their sense of humor with guests by sending out wedding invitations that have subtly silly, giggleworthy fun woven throughout or hidden where you might least expect it. Consider one example of an RSVP card that made its way to Reddit this week ... 


Redditor rick cheese posted a pic of the quirky RSVP to Reddit, writing, "My friend received this wedding invitation. I wish the asterisk wasn't there. STUPID F***ING ANTI-CHILD CONSUMPTION LAWS!" Confused? So was I. But check it out and all will be become clear (if you read the small print) ...

rsvp card Ha. Totally goofy, kinda dorky, but silly-cute, right? I love that this shows how unseriously the couple takes themselves. I'm sure at least one of their parents is rolling their eyes and giving them hell for being funny, because these things are supposed to be SO SERIOUS and elegant and formal, doncha know?!

But I don't blame couples for wanting to inject their personality into their wedding, and something like this is obviously a fun, small way to do that. More power to 'em! And geeze, anyone not feelin' it should just be relieved the future Mr. and Mrs. aren't raving out or making unreasonable demands of guests, because as we've seen -- that's a whole different way some couples go!

What do you think of funny little touches like this?


Images via Matthew Hutchinson/Flickr & Reddit

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