Guy's Insanely Cute Proposal to Girlfriend Has His Other 'Love' Joining In (PHOTO)

engagement ringSure, everyone has different ideas of what they want their dream marriage proposal to be like. You know, like where it'll happen, what you'll be doing, and maybe most importantly -- who should be there to celebrate your special moment. When Adam Skriver popped the question to his girlfriend Marieke this past Saturday, there was no doubting that one important participant would be there: their dog Obie. Little did they know their furry friend would show up their big moment.

Stellar engagement photobomb or Obie hinting at what her answer should be? You be the judge:


dog mimicks engagement proposal

In all seriousness, absolute sweetest photo ever! Skriver posted the photo to Reddit after the big moment (she said "yes!" by the way), along with the caption: "I proposed to my girlfriend and my dog did this. I think he is begging her to say 'yes.'"

Too cute for words! When you're a loving pet owner, your little buddy becomes like a child to you. When you're away from each other for too long, it feels like part of you is missing. Whether it's simply lying around on the couch watching junk reality TV or being there for the bigger, more important moments (like engagement), your "baby" wants to be as close to you as possible -- and the feeling is mutual.

From the looks of this photo, there's no doubt in my mind Obie is a loyal dog that's truly ecstatic for his papa!

Is this adorable or what?


Images via leggy.bird/Flickr, Reddit

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