7 Ways Men Secretly Ask Us for Sex (PHOTOS)

men want sexMost of us tend to think men are simple creatures. It can be so refreshing, right? What you see is what you get and there are not nearly the number of sick mind games you can get into with women. Think again, though.

Sometimes men are tricky little beasts, especially when it comes to sex. The reality is, there are little things they do that SEEM so nice and thoughtful and sweet...  and then bam! Their hands are on your boobs and you are being seduced. Wait, actually that sounds kind fo hot...  OK, I digress.

In all seriousness, there are many ways men subtly ask us for sex without asking outright. Here are seven of them:


Image via ePi.Longo /Flickr


  • "Could I rub your back? You look so tired."


    Oh we ALL know where this one is going. Is a back rub EVER really a back rub? The answer: No. It's not. I have never had a back rub from my husband that has not led to sex. But he makes me think it was my idea. Sneaky, he is.

  • "Can I do the dishes?"


    If a man who never wants to do the dishes is suddenly ALL about them, you can guess he has ulterior motives.

  • "Honey, do we have plans tonight?"


    This one is a quiet, subtle one, but it usually implies that HE has plans that likely include you.

  • "You look SO hot."


    No. No I do not. I am pregnant and unattractive and sweating. But yeah. I know where this is going.

  • "Can I get you anything?"


    If your husband is asking about what you want form the store when he is usually the guy who forgets everything, then you know he has something up his sleeve.

  • "I got you flowers."


    Yep. This is a dead giveaway.

  • "Want a drink?"


    Translation: I want to get you drunk so you are loose. In every way...  Only take the drink if you want it, too!