Rodent-Infested Wedding Cake Shop Tries to Pass Off Mouse Droppings as Sprinkles

mouse in piece of breadWhen it comes to dining out or ordering food, ignorance is probably bliss. We're likely all better off not knowing about any lack of sanitation behind the scenes. But every now and then, a total nightmare hits the news, and we have no choice but to face the facts: There are some very dirty, disgusting food establishments out there. Ugh. Warning: Do NOT proceed if your stomach is easily turned!

The chef at a wedding cake shop called Bake & Cake told inspectors that mouse droppings found in his ingredients were actually chocolate sprinkles, according to a court report. Ewwwwww! Apparently, the filthy basement of the central London bakery was covered in "rodent mess alongside discarded food, piles of sawdust, and filthy machinery," the Daily Mail reports. And when an inspector found icing for cakes was "embedded" with mouse droppings, the chef said it was chocolate vermicelli used to decorate cakes and buns. What the ...?!?


And it gets worse ... The prosecutor in the case, Marie-Claire Amuah, said:

[The inspector] pulled out a tray of triangles of white chocolate, and found some mouse dropping embedded in the chocolate, meaning the mouse had to walk over it to be there. ... A box with icing inside had mouse droppings on the top of the plastic bag used to cover it and metal racking used to store cooling trays had mouse droppings along them.

Additionally, they say they found "fresh excrement just inches from pre-prepared pastry, bags of flour, and chocolate icing." A sponge used for food prep was found covered in mouse dirt, and upon further investigation, the inspector learned that every room of the bakery's basement had evidence of mouse infestation. So. Disgusting!

It's apparent that this bakery should no longer be in business. But what I want to know is how was it possible that things were able to get this out of control? When was the last time the shop was inspected? This is just a completely disgusting example of why restaurants and bakeries need to be checked regularly, and why the "grading" system that cities like NYC have are so important. And beyond being totally grossed out, I feel horrible for this bakery's clientele. People pay good money for a wedding cake ... way too much to have to worry that it may be tainted with mouse poop! AGH!

How gross is this?! Do you think the bakery should be closed for good?

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