'Save-Cations' Are Supposed to Rescue Troubled Marriages but Can They Really?

divorce moonFor most of us, the idea of taking a luxurious week-long (or longer) trip to somewhere far-flung and exotic with our spouse is about the best thing we can imagine. But for an unhappily married person, the thought of being alone with a person they practically hate might sound more akin to torture.

A new trend The New York Times just wrote about that they are calling the "Hail-Mary-Moon" is currently making the rounds, and essentially, it's a trip with a purpose. It's designed to save marriages by forcing couples to be together 24/7 with no other distractions. It can be as long as the couple wants and sort of seems like a late honeymoon (as the name implies).

For some, it works. For others, it doesn't. The whole thing DOES make a lot of sense, though. At least for some couples.


For many unhappy couples, the lack of alone time is a major contributing factor in their troubles. If they have kids together and they have let the date nights slide, then they might just be in need of a recharge, of a reminder of why they are together. ALL couples ought to be doing these things. It could be just a weekend, but the most important part of any two-parent home family is the couple at the head of it. If they aren't happy, no one is.

But what does it take to be happy?

One trip doesn't fix a marriage. But it can make the difference between thinking it's over and deciding to work on it. Reconnecting in that way and seeing each other as sexual, away from all the demands of home life, can make a world of difference.

For certain couples.

There are also couples for whom a trip won't do a darn thing. Couples with deeper problems that go beyond communication and too much time apart are likely not to be saved by a single (or 15) trip somewhere special. If one person is cheating or already has one foot out the door, not much is going to change after one Hail Mary trip.

It's a nice thought, though. Divorce is a hard, hard thing. Even when it's the right thing. If a marriage could be saved by a trip, then by all means, take it and try. Whatever it takes. It's always worth giving it a go.

Do you think a "Hail-Mary-Moon" could save a bad marriage?


Image via Emilio Labrador/Flickr

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