Women Share How They REALLY Feel About Guys Who Wear Socks During Sex

socks on during sexIf one thing's true about sex, it's probably that no one thing is true for everyone across the board ... Even some things that you were under the impression were totally cringe-worthy are kinda NBD to others and vice-versa. Take, for example, wearing socks during sex. Haa! Just reading that phrase probably feels like nails on a chalkboard to some of you out there, right? I know it totally skeeves me out! And it's funny, because everyone seems to have a passionate opinion on the subject -- whether they're debating pro or con!

Here, eight women's varied, hilarious reactions to the idea of sex in clothed feet ...

  1. "Maybe if we were living in Antarctica or doing it on top of Everest. But otherwise NO!!!!"
  2. "It's not the sexiest, but I'm all for it. Sometimes your feet get cold!"
  3. "Honestly, I think people who care about this haven't had kids yet. Once you have kids, you realize that any chance you get when the kids are quiet and not bugging you, you don't waste time, you make good on it. If that means you don't have time to take your socks off, well, hey, what's more important? Orgasm or footwear?"
  4. "My ex almost always wore socks in bed. I couldn’t help wondering: If you have no problem putting your hands all over my body, then what is it about your feet touching me that skeeves you out? Normal. Really."
  5. "It depends what else you (or your partner) is wearing. Like if you are wearing a camisole or boxer shorts to bed and it just 'happens,' it's not all that strange. But if the rest of you is buck naked, yeah, that's weird."
  6. "This is actually the one thing I demand NEVER happen during sex. I'd rather a guy wear a hat. There is just something that screams 'lazy' about it. Like, ok, I'm going to do my duty here and have some sex, but as soon as I can, I'm going to put on my shoes and get the hell out of here."
  7. "I would say it depends on the socks … but I gave that some thought and I really could not come up with any socks that would be sexy. I would say maybe if it’s really cold, and you have a short blanket, it might be acceptable, otherwise NO."
  8. "EW. No. Totally unsexy."

What are your thoughts on the matter?

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