Women Are Just as Likely to Cheat as Men Despite What Guys Might Say

Have you ever had a guy cheat on you and then someone (maybe even the guy himself) says, "Whaddya expect? Guys are wired to cheat." And then maybe they give you some mumbo jumbo about the cavemen and how they had to spread their seed and guys are just really still cavemen and blah blah blah. Well, scientists seem to have finally figured out that men are not wired to cheat after all -- at least not any more than women are. In fact, it seems that waaaay back in the day, when we were all living in caves and roasting freshly-killed bison for dinner, men and women were equally non-monogamous. But then men and women evolved into a monogamous species -- at the same time. And the reasons are pretty interesting!


Scientists studied the mating habits of monkeys and came up with "conclusive proof" that humans all used to be non-monogamous. If you think about it, that makes sense. Non-modern man lived in caves with groups of people, they hunted and foraged together, they had sex together, they gave birth together, it was all like one big hippie commune.

Except for one thing. The men were killing off the children. Women were busy tending to their babies so they didn't really want to have sex anymore (much like today! ha!) and the men didn't want to wait around to have sex while the kid grew up -- so they just offed the kid!

This was putting a damper on the whole procreation thing, so humans evolved into monogamous creatures, where the man would only have sex with one woman and would help take care of and protect their children rather than kill them. Make sense?

So what has this all got to do with cheating? It sounds to me like we all started out non-monogamous (other books make this claim too) and then gradually we all became monogamous -- because we had to for the good of mankind.

And since both men and women evolved this way for specific reasons, one isn't any more likely to be "hard-wired" to cheat. In fact, some recent studies say that women are even more likely to cheat than men!

After millions of years of this, monogamy is in our DNA. But don't fool yourself. That inner sex-hungry Neanderthal still lurks within -- and sometimes busts out for a little playtime!

Do you think men and women are naturally more monogamous or non-monogamous?


Image via Keoni Cabral/Flickr

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