I Don't Want to Date a Man Who's Better-Looking Than Me

Holding handsThe other night I was walking down the street with one of my girlfriends when a super attractive man walked by us. Tall, dark brown hair, green eyes, charcoal gray business suit. As he briskly walked in and out of our lives, it prompted a discussion about the things we look for in a man. Sure, being attractive is definitely high up on the list, following behind a great sense of humor and allowing his lady to tune into Keeping Up With the Kardashians without vocalizing his desire to commit suicide.

And then she said something that really stuck with me: "I don't know about you, but I don't want to date a man that's more attractive than me."

Being discriminatory against a man for being too good looking? On one hand I'd be stupidly excited to date Tyson Beckford or Channing Tatum knowing I had a perfect 10 on my arm. But then I'd wonder, without fail, if people thought that I wasn't beautiful enough to be next to him.

And then I said: "You know what? I sorta feel the same way."


Listen, I'm not saying that I wouldn't accept a date invitation from Tyson or Channing. After seeing Tyson in person a few weeks back, I surely wouldn't mind grabbing a bite with him and staring into those eyes for a solid hour over Korean barbecue.

But with that said, I think every woman likes to stand out a little bit. When I'm walking down the street with my significant other, I sort of want the eyes to be on me. Call me selfish or self-centered, that's fine. I just think it makes sense for the man I'm dating to be on an even-level playing field with me.

I know. Yes, I'm well aware that there are things that make a man attractive other than his outer appearance. As someone who doesn't have a physical type, those little personality traits make all the difference to me. I suppose that if I fall for some crazy handsome guy who may just be better-looking than me, I'll deal with my fear of not measuring up then. But for now, I'll stand firm on my stance: I'd rather be more attractive than the man I'm dating.

Where do you stand? Would you want to date someone who you think is better-looking than you?


Image via Summer Skyes 11/Flickr

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