5 Ways to Stay Cool When You're Having 'Hot Sex'

Staying cool during summer sexHoly heatwave, batman! I'm pretty sure it doesn't matter where you live, because this summer has been crazy hot all over -- which means I'm sweating even while I'm standing still. So the thought of having sex now? Ugh.

But hey, that's why they make air conditioners, right? Actually, that's not the only way you can stay cool during those hot summer sex romps. Get ready to get it on without melting into a puddle while you're at it.


1. Have sex in the shower: Now I know people usually take cold showers to turn themselves off, but when you're with someone else, they can certainly have an adverse effect. And really, all that hot action will ensure that the only thing the water is doing is keeping your body cool.

2. Marble countertops, anyone? If you've ever sat with your bare butt on marble (or tile, for that matter), then you know it's pretty freaking cold. So why not prop yourself up on one and go at it? Yes, wipe it off before and after, and make sure the kids are asleep or out with the grandparents or a sitter. Then go for it!

3. Go downstairs: Pretty simple science here: heat rises. So you might need to change the location of your love-making to lower levels. Downstairs, basement, underground hut? Ha! But seriously, the higher up in your house you are, the hotter it's going to be.

4. Play with ice: Using a little ice in your sex play isn't just a way to make things hotter. It can actually help cool you down when the temps are out of control. Plus, it's just water so it's safe to put anywhere. Yes, you know what I'm talking about.

5. Choose your playtime wisely: It might be time to hop on the morning sex train when the temps are still low or wait until late at night when the sun is down. The last thing you want is to be doing the deed with the hot sun shining in through your windows.

What are your tips for keeping cool while still having fun summer sex?


Image via StevenDepolo/Flickr

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