Pop Quiz: How Much Does Your Man Know About Your Period?

calendar with red pencilAnd I used to think only junior high-aged girls like Judy Blume's Margaret had a problem talking with anyone about their periods! Turns out, we're a nation all freaked out about how much to talk about it and when to talk about it or if it is even okay at ALL to talk about it. Tampons are the enemy all of a sudden to activists and politicians alike! It's madness! And even more reason we shouldn't have any problem broadcasting info about our cycles ... at least to our significant others. 

A recent thread on CafeMom's group forums debated whether or not it's normal for a husband to know the details of your period -- down to what day you're going to get it! While I'm not sure it's necessary for men to be that well-versed, I am all about them knowing as much about our periods as they can possibly stand to!


Any idea that they should or even CAN feel free to be in the dark 100 percent is ridiculous. What year is it again? Judy Blume made such a splash educating tweens to feel more comfortable with the reality of being a woman over 40 years ago! So what are some grown women doing being in the closet with their spouses about their periods? 

We should feel free to be brutally honest about symptoms interfering with our daily grind, to fess up to a hormonal flux that's put us in a funk, to ask them to go to the freakin' store for feminine hygiene products for us! (Geeze, it's like Margaret Cho has joked about -- can you even imagine what men would be like if they got a period?!)

My husband doesn't know my cycle by heart, but he will have to one day when we're trying for a baby. He doesn't enjoy hearing that I have headaches or cramps or moodiness, but he listens and sympathizes as best he can. On occasion, he may even act skeeved by some of it, but ultimately, uh, that's too damn bad! Our periods are a reality of a woman's AND -- like it or not, taboo or not -- a couple's life.

How much does your guy know about your period? How comfortable are you with him on the topic?

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