Stacy Keibler Thinks She’ll Stay Friends With George Clooney: 5 Reasons She Shouldn’t

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For most of us, the amicable breakup is a myth. The thought of staying chummy with a guy who you just dumped or just dumped you sounds like a fairytale. However, some folks, like Stacy Keibler, seem to believe that she and her ex will remains pals. When asked about how she was doing in the days since the end of her two-year romance with George Clooney, she cheerfully answered, "There's nothing really dramatic that happened, so it's all good." She has every intention on remaining buds. Well, I call BS on that! Here's why it's impossible for women to stay friends with their exes.


1. It will drive you crazy when he talks about a date or girl he’s interested in. You may have convinced yourself that you don't care what he does anymore, but rest assured, this will drive you mad.

2. He doesn’t really want you to move on. He hates the idea of someone making you happier than he ever could. It's a pride thing.

3. Instant recipe for bitterness: if he starts seeing another girl and treats her better than he ever treated you. That is something no woman wants to realize.

4. You run the risk of getting back together. There is a reason you broke up with him, right? Probably really good ones. That’s hard to remember when he’s on his best behavior during your post-split meet-ups.

5. It will keep other guys away. No new man wants to compete for your attention with your old boyfriend. You will never really be able to move on with your ex around.

What other reasons is it a bad idea to stay friends with an ex?


Image via Peter Kaminski/Flickr

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