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7 Things Women Think Are Sexy That Men Actually Hate

fishnetsWe've heard a lot of women complain that when it comes to romance, their men just don't get it right. True, there is nothing sexy about getting a dishwasher for your 10th anniversary gift. But our guys aren't the only ones who get it wrong sometimes. Take a look at the 7 things women mistakenly think are sexy.

What other things should be on this list?


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Some women think this makes them seem cute and endearing, but in reality, it's just really annoying and a bit childish.

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2Baby Talk

Is there anything more eye-roll worthy than a woman who talks to a man in that babyish, Elmer Fudd voice? No. Save it for when you are actually talking to a baby -- though that might even annoy the Sesame Street set too.

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3Monster Boobs

Most guys say that a handful is plenty. If you weren't born with those triple Fs, then please don't buy them.

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4Acting Helpless

I know a woman who asks her man to open jars for her even when she can do it herself. She thinks this helplessness is sexy in some way. If you don't really need the help, why waste his time. If you want to make him feel good, ask him to pitch in on something you really need, like cleaning the gutters, carrying heavy boxes down from the attic, or, better yet, doing the dishes.

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5Being Coy

This basically sends mixed messages. Being upfront is far more sexy than playing that mind game.

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6Bragging About Your Sexiness

You may think it makes you more desirable to brag about how sexy other men find you, but it doesn't. It just makes you seem self-centered.

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