7 Things Every Husband Needs to Be Able to Do (PHOTOS)

husbands can doWe live in a world where men and women can really basically do anything the other can do. A dad can stay at home with the kids while the mom goes out every day to her job as a CEO or vice versa. Women can fix cars and men can do the dishes.

Still, there are some old gender roles that fit quite nicely and some that aren't about gender at all. They are just about the qualities we like to see in our significant others. We want to be complimented and made to feel like we are taken care of. There are things all wives should know how to do, too, but we are focused on the old hubbies.

Here are 7 things all husbands need to know how to do by the time they get married. They may seem outdated, but trust me, you will thank me. See below:


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