Woman Who Has Orgasms in Her Foot Isn’t As Lucky As She Sounds

feetImagine having an orgasm any time you wanted one. Sounds pretty good right? Now imagine having an orgasm whether you wanted one or not. If that still sounds good to you, just wait til you hear the story of a 55-year-old Dutch woman who gets uncontrollable orgasmic sensations in her left foot.


Sure, it sounds fun in theory. Something like that could take a walk to work from boring to WHOA-WHOA-WOW! For women who are desperate to have just one, the thought of having 5 or 6 a day sounds great. But it's anything but for this poor woman.

It's called Foot Orgasm Syndrome (or FOS). Yes, that is a real thing. The sensation begins in her foot and travels up to her vagina and then, well, you saw that famous diner scene in When Harry Met Sally. Why does this happen? In this particular case, she has different nerves in both feet, so her brain can't differentiate between her foot and her vagina. Seriously. This is crazy. Good thing is, doctors say it can be treated.

The whole concept is just mind-blowing. We always think of orgasms as the mark of an amazing sex life. When a woman can reach that point with a man, it either means one of two things: he's incredibly skilled or the connection is so strong, it rocks your body just to be with him. But this FOS would be a living nightmare, even to those women who like to pleasure themselves. Can you imagine having no control over when or where it happens? It literally makes the Big O a total menace. Poor girl.

Do you think Foot Orgasm Syndrome would be a nightmare or blessing?


Image via D. Sharon Pruitt/Flickr

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