Women Now Have a Way to Warn Other Women About Their Loser Exes (VIDEO)

A new app sounds like a guy's worst nightmare -- or dream come true. Depending on how well he treated his exes. The dating app, called Lulu, lets women rate guys on everything from their skills on the dance floor to their skills in the sack. Lulu app user Lana tells the New York Daily News that she ran across an ex-boyfriend's profile and a woman who called him "cheap." She's says it's "mean" but she totally agrees! Ratings and hashtags make it super easy to plug in a guy's name and find out what other women have to say about him. Is he #gonebymorning or #manchild? Is he a 2 or an 8?


Ordinarily I'm against ratings systems and Yelp-like reviews for human beings -- but the fact is that back in the olden days you'd be able to ask around about a new prospect. Your family would know him, or they'd know his family. Your friends would know him. People from church, school, or the local gathering places would weigh in. Nowadays, however, people tend to mind their own business a lot more, we're all kind of isolated in our own little worlds.

We may live hundreds of miles from our friends and family. And in a big city, no one really knows anyone. That's why I think it's so easy for people to get away with egregious behavior. A guy might cheat on you, steal from you, or otherwise do something horrible to you -- or to dozens of women -- and casually put his profile up on a dating site the next day with no one any the wiser.

So why not have an app that takes the place of one of those snoopy aunties from eras past, who knew everything about everyone?

That isn't to say that if you run across a new man's profile and see that an ex gave him a thumbs down you should be wary. Exes are exes for a reason, and perhaps she's bitter and out for revenge. But if he's got 10 bad reviews? Frankly, I'd run.

There are already two million men featured on Lulu, and a lot of them aren't happy. Sean Glass was shocked to find out he was rated a 6 out of 10, and described as a "f**kem&chuckem" type. Says Sean:

I can’t believe people say that. I’ve never f----- and chucked anybody. I’ve just had sex with girls without it turning into a relationship.

Err, yeah. Women and men tend to see things a bit differently.

Cameron Winklevoss, who supposedly came up with the idea for Facebook (where Lulu gets its men), is rated 7 out of 10, for his "world's worst massages" and "mama's boy" ways. If you watched The Social Network, you'll remember how Cameron spent years suing Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg for stealing his idea. Doesn't he get points for tenacity?

Anyway, this app sounds ridiculously addictive. Guys -- be warned! The next time you're tempted to be #gonebymorning, lots of other girls will know about it.

Do you think an app like this is a good idea?


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