Heidi Klum Should Think Twice Before Getting Her ‘Seal’ Tattoo Removed

Heidi Klum is taking a page from the Johnny Depp/Pamela Anderson/Angelina Jolie playbook by getting rid of her tat of love -- that is, her tattoo of the name Seal. You might remember Seal, he and Heidi were married for seven years. Until one day, they weren't. And then Heidi began "fornicating with the help," otherwise known as her bodyguard Martin Kirsten, and that tat of love on her inner arm started to seem not so romantic. So Heidi has been gradually getting her tattoo removed. It's already a lot lighter than it used to be.


Love tattoos seem like such an awesome idea at the time. Kind of like marriage. You really don't think it's ever going to end -- or that the tat will ever wear out its welcome. But, of course, many times it does. When will they invent a tat that lasts, say, a couple of years? Hey, at least the tat wasn't on Heidi's face.

Is it always necessary to remove the name of a former husband? After all, if he helped you produce children -- and he and Heidi did have three together -- isn't it okay to have him still inked on your body as a way of honoring what you once had?

On the other hand, Martin probably doesn't want to look at Heidi's "Seal" ink. Heidi probably doesn't either -- she and Seal didn't have the most amicable of splits. But still. It's your children's father. And his name was part of a larger tat that contained their children's names too.

Heidi got the tat on their "fourth wedding" -- that is, the fourth time they'd renewed their vows. Do you think they renewed them so many times because they kept forgetting them? Haha. Hard to believe a couple with so many outward displays of eternal devotion -- kids, yearly weddings, at least one name tat -- could end up divorced. Guess it can happen to anyone.

As for those love tats, and whether or not to remove them, that's entirely up to you. Heidi is keeping part of the tat that has her kids' initials. I'd say that's the one name tattoo guaranteed to not go out of style.

Do you think love tats are a good idea?


Image via Jayel Aheram/Flickr

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