6 Things for Wives to Love About Their Husbands Being Out of Town

business tripI tend to get really bummed out when my husband has to go on a business trip. I know the whole "absence makes the heart grow fonder" adage, but honestly, I like my husband just fine when he is here, in my house, and snuggling next to me.

Still, since it's just a little inevitable that the hubs WILL have to be gone overnight occasionally, I try to look on the bright side as much as possible. And there is a bright side. Sure, it's harder to take care of two kids with only two hands instead of four. It's harder to keep the house clean when I have to have one eye on my kids at all times. And bed time and bath time are a comedy of errors that sometimes end in tears (mine, not theirs).

It's also much lonelier after the kids go to bed and I am left in big, empty house all by myself. Still, there are perks. Here are 6 great perks about having your husband go on a business trip:


1.) Whole bed to yourself: It's so nice to stretch out all night long without the 6'2" man hogging all the covers and rolling over on top of me in the night. I love sleeping with my man, but I also can appreciate the few days a year when I get to completely hog the bed with no repercussions.

2.) Watching chick flicks all night: We have one TV and that means 99 percent of the time, we need to agree on what is on it (or go up and use our computers to watch movies). I very much appreciate playing couch commando and watching long, weepy films without my husband's commentary or rolled eyes.

3.) No one forcing you to share your dessert: My husband is a large man. This means when we share dessert, we SHARE dessert. Annoying. Nights where he is gone, I get ALL the pie. I love it.

4.) No extra dishes or laundry: I love my husband, but oh man does he produce an insane amount of dirty socks and underwear. When he's gone, I don't have to worry about it! Of course, then he always comes back ...

5.) No one bugging you for sex: It's not that I don't like sex. I just don't want it EVERY day like my husband. It's pretty nice to not be pressured into sex for a few days every once in a while (sorry honey!).

6.) Pie for dinner: When my husband is gone, I eat whatever I want. I don't worry about creating a nice meal for him. The kids have their meals and I order pizza or eat lots of broccoli (which he hates) or just eat cookies!

Do you have any perks of your husband being gone?

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