20 Things a Guy Should Have to Confess Before Having Sex

sexy mouthAs Chris Rock once said, when a woman starts to date a guy, she meets his representative rather then the "real" person. They are  especially on their best behavior when they want to have sex with you. So we asked women what they wish they knew about a potential lover before they hoped into bed. Check out the 20 things all men should confess before sex.

  1. He also likes having sex with men,
  2. He doesn't believe in monogamy.
  3. If his freaky side goes beyond the occasional spanking. No woman wants to be surprised by chains and wipes once the lights are out.
  4. He has an incurable STD.
  5. That he doesn't always use protection.
  6. He has a small penis.
  7. He has a HUGE penis.
  8. That he's never actually given a woman an orgasm.
  9. He's a virgin.
  10. How many woman he's slept with.
  11. The craziest he's ever done in bed.
  12. The strangest place he's ever had sex. (Who knows, it could inspire you to have some out-of-the bedroom fun.)
  13. If he's ever had a threesome.
  14. If he frequently watches porn.
  15. If he's ever starred in porn.
  16. He has thin walls and nosy neighbors.
  17. What age he lost his virginity.
  18. His biggest sexual fantasy.
  19. If he is into anal sex -- either getting it or giving it.
  20. His post-sex ritual -- cuddler, sleeper, or bolter.

What other sex rules do you think men should follow?


Image via Emilian Robert Vicol/Flickr

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