This Hot Dad Knows Just How to Button Up (VIDEO)

One of the most amazing moments of my wedding was when my husband's tux lost a button. Our friend, who had already McGuyvered about 18 other things, produced a sewing kit from his pocket and sewed it back on. I didn't think guys knew how to do that!

Well, this hot dad in the video below does, and he looks mighty fine doing it. It's super impressive, on a lot of levels. Check it out below.



MMmrrrrorrww. I appreciate, for several reasons, that he didn't just fling it on a chair and wait until "later" to sew on the button but did it right away. Let's just say that neither of the adults in my house are so good on that front. Maybe you need to look that good shirtless to have an incentive to do it right away? And I'm also amazed that he knew where the sewing supplies were and that they are neatly organized and accessible, not behind a giant pile of stuff in the linen closet. This really is porn for moms!

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Does your guy know how to sew on a button?

Image via CafeMom Studios

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