This Hot Dad Can Butter You Up (VIDEO)

I generally don't enjoy summer vacation, but the best part is getting a break from packing lunches every single night.

I'd enjoy the break from lunch packing even more if I had a dad like the one in the video below doing it for me. He's so hot, he even has to take his shirt off, something I am sure his wife appreciates (and not just from the laundry standpoint, if you know what I mean).

And not only is he sexy, he's also quite sweet. Check him out below.



Seriously...the lunch note. And the little kiss he gives it before he puts it in the bag (although I am questioning why the boys didn't get them too)...awwwwww. I also love that he cut off the crusts on one sandwich before packing it up. Even if your guy doesn't look like this, there is nothing hotter than a guy in touch with his nurturing side, who is a good dad.

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Do you melt when your guy shows his soft side?

Image via CafeMom Studios

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