16 Things Husbands Shouldn't Be Able to Do Without Your Permission

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Most women would likely say their husbands would never have a vasectomy without their permission. But a surprising number of them would be wrong. I know a man who did just that years ago, and his wife still doesn't know. Outrageous, don't you think? This isn't the only major no-no for a happily married man -- or rather one who wants to stay that way. 


Check out the 16 things a husband should never consider doing without consulting his wife first.

  1. Dip into the retirement fund for a surefire investment opportunity.
  2. Take his entire paycheck to the casino.
  3. Buy a house. Sure, this is a sweet gesture, but what if you hate it. Or worse, what if it's next door to his mother's.
  4. Sell the house.
  5. Invite his mother to live with you.
  6. Loan his no-good brother/sister more than $50.
  7. Plan a boys weekend away. This is especially egregious if you have kids.
  8. Invite your in-laws into the birthing suite when you are in labor. 
  9. Hold a garage sale and sell some of your stuff.
  10. Paint the house a new color.
  11. Plan a party at your house that you will have to do all the cooking for.
  12. Buy a boat, sports car, or any other over-the-top luxury.
  13. Invite an ex-girlfriend over.
  14. Plan an expensive, wallet-busting vacation without asking you if it's even a place you want to go.
  15. Buy a dog. This should definitely be a joint decision, especially since you are going to be the one mostly taking care of it.
  16. Have a vasectomy (or any other major procedure that involves his private parts).

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