Now Women Can Learn About Masturbation the Same Way Kids Learn the Alphabet

woman jumping at the beachAs far as we've come and as many Sex & the City episodes as we've all watched and Anastasia Steele and Christian Grey sex scenes we've read, the topic of female masturbation -- heck, women's sexuality! -- still is frustratingly firmly filed under the "taboo." And there are recent, as in published in 2013, articles and studies about how ladies actually watch and LIKE porn, too. (OMG! Gasp! Huh?!) Srsly?!

Seems as though, like it or not, there is still a lot of discomfort surrounding the idea of women going solo, so it's no wonder one has taken matters into her own, err, ahem, hands ...


New York-based designer Tina Gong has design a new app called HappyPlayTime in an effort to "rebrand the entire concept of female masturbation through education, light-hearted games, and cartoons." Oh dear. Who knew we needed an app for THAT?!

The app, which will be released this summer, will apparently show people (I'm sure men, too, many of whom could stand to learn more about lady parts!) "techniques and facts about getting off."

Ugh. Something about this just makes me so SAD. Obviously no woman is gonna stand in the middle of Starbucks yakking about how she just gave herself the best orgasm she's had in a month or whatever, but are we that stunted and inhibited that there's a market for something like this? I mean, are there really women out there who need children's show gimmicks like cartoons and games to be more comfortable with getting themselves off? Also, could you ever in a million years see something like this being built for men? Why not? That's a disparity that has GOT to go.

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But as depressing and frustrating as it may be to think there's a real need for something like this for adult women, the motivation is still admirable. Hopefully HappyPlayTime will make some women more comfortable with their bodies and their sexuality, so that maybe several years from now, the idea of any woman needing an app to "educate" her about masturbation sounds even crazier.

What do you think about this app?


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