Overweight Girl Dating Thin Guy Says She’s the Victim of Constant Cruel Attacks

Let's face it, we all occasionally judge couples we see on the street. Things quickly pop into your brain, like a running narrative. Oh, they're cute. Eck, get a room! I can't believe she's with him. I can't believe he's with her. You get the point. But most of us keeps our traps shut about it. But that isn't the case with Gloria Shuri Nava, who has been dating a hot Scottish guy for almost two years. The problem? Gloria is overweight. Her boyfriend is not. And people just can't seem to believe that he would want to be with her unless he had some nefarious purpose in mind.


In an essay for Yahoo!, Gloria writes that wherever the pair go, "people give us confused looks that say, 'He can do better than her!'" Gloria might be a bit paranoid. However, she says that people do more than just stare. They also say things like, "Is he blind?"; "He's only with you to get a green card"; and "It's great he can see past your looks." Seriously, where does Gloria live? Rudeville?!

Then there are the people who leave cruel comments on Gloria's YouTube channel, saying things like, "These two had sex?! Oh god, why?" Horrible. But it's YouTube. Kittens get cruel comments.

Anyway, I'm sorry that Gloria has to go through all of that. I'll admit that when I see a couple that are mismatched lookwise, I sometimes wonder what attracted them to each other. If the girl isn't as attractive as the man, I'll give him more "credit" -- like he's some awesome dude for not going strictly for looks. Sometimes I'll wonder if she was better looking five years ago.

If it's a hot chick with a plain looking dude, I'll either think he has money, or I'll think, "Smart girl not going for a player!" Anyway, your momentary thoughts don't make you who you are. None of us can control our brains all the time.

Only once did I see a couple so mismatched that it boggled me. He was like a male model. She was the complete opposite. And I just couldn't shake the feeling that the poor girl was going to get hurt. I sat there chatting with them thinking, "This isn't going to last. It can't. He's too good-looking!" Shallow, yes. But at least I didn't say anything!

As for Gloria and her BF, the explanation is simple: Her boyfriend likes "big girls," as Gloria says. She writes:

I knew he was into big girls -- his exes were chubby. Some think it's weird, but it's like having a thing for blondes: It's just a preference.

And presumably he likes her personality too!

Have you ever dated someone bigger or thinner than you?

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