This Hot Dad Makes the Most of a Late-Night Snack

It's kind of humiliating when your partner has better housekeeping skills than you do. I mean, I am all for equal sharing of household duties and do, in fact, split things with my husband pretty fairly. But I was raised to do housekeeping chores and, as the state of his bachelor-pad apartment would suggest, he's had to learn.

So when a guy does something housewife-ish a million times better than me, it's a little embarrassing. At least the hot dad in the video below looks amazing while he does it. Check it out below.



For one thing, my fridge has to look way worse than that before I give it a serious cleaning. If I can't find anything or there is slime in the vegetable crisper, I whip out the cleaning solution and the rags and a bucket and go to town, but a few gross-looking containers? Those can wait until I toss them in the trash because they are taking up too much space.

And speaking of space....he carefully transfers all the leftovers to the perfect size storage container and lines them up neatly so everyone can enjoy them for lunch. Nice.

I've gotta say, I would maybe not enjoy living with that much of a neat freak and he would assuredly not enjoy living with me. Of course, if he looked that good AND did housework I'd be cleaning up my messy ways right quick.

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Who's the neat freak in your house: you or your man?

Image via CafeMom Studios

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