This Dad Who Gets Up With the Baby Is Guaranteed to Make You Melt

Middle-of-the-night feedings are one of those things that usually don't last long, in the grand scheme of parenting, but feel like they last forever. Most of us develop the skill of feeding a baby more or less in our sleep...and we learn exactly how little sleep we need to function when we have babies that are up three times a night for 15 months. Not that I had one of those or anything.

If you're lucky enough to have a supportive partner, you quickly learn that any love note he may have written to you pales in comparison to the words "you sleep, I'll take care of the baby." That's what makes this hot dad in the video below hot...he doesn't even check his wife for fake-sleeping (come on, we've all done it) or attempt to nudge her awake before getting out of bed and scooping up the baby from his cradle, heating up a bottle, and feeding the adorable little punkin', cuddling all the while. Watch below and see if you're not a little googly-eyed after.


For most of the Hot Dads Doing Chores episodes, the guys have been attractive and shirtless eye candy. Let's face it: this guy could look like a cross between Shrek and a garden toad and he would still be scorching hot in this video. Why? Because pretty much nothing makes us get all gooey toward our man as when he's gentle and nurturing with our babies. When my husband soothes our little guy through a tantrum or listens to our daughter's troubles, I just melt. Because no matter what he looks like, nothing is sexier than a guy who is a good dad and a good partner. 

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Does your man take the 3 a.m. feeding?

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