5 of the Most Ridiculous Tips on Finding Love -- They Must Be Joking, Right?

dating tipsRaise your hand if you've been there ... on the search for love, looking in all the wrong places. So you seek out advice from books, magazines, friends ... anything that could steer you in the right direction. But who's to say anyone really has all the answers when it comes to finding Mr. Right? Nobody. Okay, you can put your hands down now.

Because you know what I think? There is no cookie cutter solution to finding the right guy. And I'm sorry to say it, but most of those tips you read in magazines are so fake, it's laughable.

So I've done a little research and found my favorite top five:


1. Take a class you've never taken before, like pottery! Oh sure, pottery. I'm guessing those pottery classes are filled with successful, good-looking young men who are seeking a date for Friday night. I get the point of this is to get out of your comfort zone and that's supposed to be a good thing and all, but still. No way. This is ridiculous.

2. Expect the unexpected. You could meet him anywhere! Maybe at the supermarket! La la la! Isn't life so wonderful? Tell me the last time you met a decent guy while picking up your cold cuts. Seriously.

3. Don't be afraid to go out alone. According to Cosmopolitan, men are intimidated by packs of girls. So basically if you're sipping on your vodka soda by yourself at the bar, you're more likely to get hit on. OR you end up looking like a drunken loner. It's a toss-up.

4. Take a walk in a busy part of town. WTF? This is an actual tip I found on the Internet -- take a stroll around your neighborhood and hang out on a park bench. You just never KNOW who will sit down next to you! I'm sorry, is this real life or an episode of Sex and the City?

5. Copy his hobbies. Spot a cute boy riding a bike through the park? Quick! Strap on your rollerblades and follow him! Maybe you'll accidentally bump into him and he'll think you're clumsy and adorable at the same time, much like Kate Hudson in any movie she's ever been in.

What's the funniest piece of advice you've ever heard?


Image via Gregory Jordan/Flickr

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