This Hot Dad Does the Unthinkable & We Are Lucky Enough to Witness It (VIDEO)

In almost every family, there's one parent who keeps track of the deadlines, field trips, school events, etc. and all the associated paperwork. And in most families, that parent is the mom.

But imagine how hot it would be if your spouse 1) knew where the paperwork was 2) completed it without being asked and 3) did so without asking a billion questions so that it's just easier and faster to do the g.d. stuff yourself. I mean, my husband fully rocks two out of three of those on a regular basis, but all three? Not too often.

Well, imagine no more, ladies, and watch the video below.


First of all, hahahaa at him taking off his tie and unbuttoning his shirt. This stuff is annoying enough that yes, being comfortable is important, and I guess if you're that hot showing off your pecs would be your go-to.

Secondly, the absolute best fantasy-fulfillment part of this is that he at no point yells down the hall "Honey? What's...? Where is ...? How do I...?" Nor does he ask questions as if this is the first time he's hearing of these things when you've talked about them four different times this week. Hot Dad can keep his shirt on...I just want to dream about that.

Does your guy fill out the school paperwork without being asked?

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Image via CafeMom Studios.

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