This Hot Dad Will Make You Wish You Had a Minivan (VIDEO)

Ugh, the dreaded task of cleaning the minivan...plowing through the mess of school papers, spilled fishy crackers and general kid detritus, and maybe even finding out the horrifying answer to "what's that SMELL?" (an abandoned sippy full of milk, in our case, that sat under the seat for I don't even want to know how long...)

So if your man will do it for you, that's a big gift. And if he looks like this hot dad in the video below and takes his shirt off while he does it, it's an even bigger one. But it's what he does in the back seat that is astonishingly hot. Check it out:


HE PUTS THE CDS AND DVDS IN THE CORRECT CASES. I didn't know people with the Y chromosome could actually do this. I will say my husband has gotten better (probably because he was tired of hearing me shriek every time I tried to listen to a beloved CD and found, like, his Van Halen one in its case) but still. Friends even did an episode about it way back when.

I also love the wiping down of the baby seat toys and carefully putting mom's sunglasses back where they belong, but the CD thing? Yowza.

Does your guy put CDs and DVDs back in the right place? What would you do if you hubby cleaned the car shirtless?

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Image via CafeMom Studios.

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