John Travolta Crashes Wedding & Makes Couple's Day Especially Memorable


John Travolta wedding crashAll weddings are memorable in their own way, but having superstar John Travolta come and crash yours certainly makes it an event no one will forget. Just ask the Georgia couple whose wedding the Grease star made a surprise appearance at recently.

According to a post on Reddit this week, Travolta was in Georgia when he stopped by a local bar one night to wind down. He just so happened to meet a couple who was getting married the next day. They told him about their ceremony the next day, then bid him adieu. Imagine their surprise when he actually showed up at the wedding


He didn't dress up by any means. As you can see in the picture, he's wearing jeans and a t-shirt, and some commenters on Reddit have pointed out that it looks like he's wearing the same clothes from the night before. But who cares? It's Danny Zuko at your wedding; he can wear whatever he wants.

I love that he did this. It's little things like this that you could do with your fame to bring people such happiness that would be so fun. I'm sure some uptight people might get upset if the attention was taken off the bride and groom, but I think it's great, and clearly in this case, the couple was thrilled.

Katy Perry and Robert Pattinson did something similar last month when they crashed some strangers' wedding rehearsal. And The Huffington Post pointed out that Travolta himself, along with pal Robin Williams, crashed a wedding back in 1977, so he's becoming a veteran crasher.

I hope this becomes a trend that more celebrities hop on. How fun would it be to start seeing them popping up at nuptials across the country? Well, some of them anyway.

Would you want a celebrity to crash your wedding?


Image via Reddit

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