Marriage 'Love Contracts' Have Couples Making Crazy Promises About Sex & Weight Gain

contractWhen did love become so complicated? As if prenups indicating who gets what in case of a split weren't tricky enough, now there are "love contracts" to consider too. It's the latest trend in pre-marital haggling. In case you are unfamiliar with the term, it deals with the rules about how the couple will live their day to day lives -- from how much sex you have to how many pounds you are allowed to gain. Seriously! Get fat and your marriage is done!


It's all about making your expectations clear from the get-go, which, expert say, can help avoid heartbreak and disappointment down the line.  Often referred to as lifestyle clauses, they basically dictate how a couple will live their lives.

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Among the types of rules/requirements lawyers have whipped up: weight requirements (for both men and women), how much free-time you spend together, what happens if one person is unfaithful, how to deal with savings, and the frequency of sex. One New York man confessed that if he "let himself go" and doesn't fulfill his partner's needs sexually, she has a right to have sex with any other person she wants to. According to him, such an agreement "keeps me on my toes."

This has been popular among celebrities for years, according to the article. Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake reportedly have an infidelity penalty. Keith Urban won't get a dime of Nicole Kidman's money if he uses illegal drugs again. One attorney's rich client agreed to give up his real estate holdings if he cheated. His wife would eventually walked away in $20 million in property.

So much for better or worse, huh? That said, I think this is a good idea in theory. Important things get put on the back burner as the years go by. There is a reason for all those jokes about married couples rarely having sex. Perhaps having a contractual obligation to get busy is the perfect motivation. I know that might be a hard sell for most women. And I personally think the stipulation about weight is totally unfair, especially after a woman has kids.

But there are some clauses that are clearly beneficial. I particularly loved the one where a man who was getting married for a second time opted for a rule stating his new mother-in-law could not tag along for vacations. Apparently that was a big problem during his first marriage. So this could be a great opportunity to address all those little things that could have ruined previous relationships. He also promised he won't watch too many sports games and she said she won't get a new pet once hers dies.  Sounds reasonable to me.

What do you think of these "love contracts?" What would you put in yours?


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