This Hot Dad Does One Chore So Well We Can't Stop Watching (VIDEO)

There is nothing like a man who can handle his tools. And when one of those tools is a vacuum cleaner....(fans self).

This is one Hot Dads Doing Chores episode I can relate to, because my husband does 95 percent of the vacuuming. I mean, we have one 3-by-5 rug in the entire house because the rest is hardwood, but still...he likes vacuuming and will happily do it when the rug or furniture need it.

The funniest part of this is how well the video guy vacuums, and what he does while he's doing it. Are you following me?



Did you catch him kind of touching his abs at one point? Too funny, but yeah, if I had access to abs like that I couldn't keep my hands off them either. And I love that he moves the couch and the table and even does the chandelier. Now that's some hot stuff right there (and looks pretty amazing too, although those low-slung pants must be mighty uncomfortable).

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Does your husband vacuum - and do you find it sexy?

Image via CafeMom Studios

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