This Hot Naked Dad Gets Even Hotter With Clothes On (VIDEO)

When a video starts with a hot guy in the shower and then gets better, you know it's worth watching.

The scene in this episode of Hot Dads Doing Chores opens on an extremely good-looking man rinsing off. The camera lingers on his well-developed chest and muscular arms, and we even get a little glimpse of booty as he towels off.

And you guys? That's not even what makes him incredibly attractive. It's what happens next. Let's say he knows what his woman needs...and he delivers. Check it out below:


HOT, right? I mean. After discovering he is almost out of shaving cream, instead of yelling for his wife or (as a certain hot dad of my acquaintance tends to do) telling her he needs more immediately after she returns from the weekly Target run, he gets a pen and pad of paper. And he makes a list.

Not only does he make a list, he checks everything they have in the bathroom to see if they need more...soap, shampoo, even tampons. That's right, not only is he aware that she might need them, he goes to the store and buys them. The right brand and everything. And puts them away. I bet he even used coupons. I don't care how hot he is: THAT right there is getting him laid.

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Does your guy restock the bathroom?

Image via CafeMom Studios

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