17 Truly Bizarre Pickup Lines We Can't Believe Men Fed Us (PHOTOS)

Adriana Velez | May 30, 2013 Love & Sex

myrtle beachIt's not easy hitting on someone. It takes daring and finesse, subtlety and sensitivity. If you're short on these qualities, there's always alcohol. (Results may vary.) Fair or not, we women have decided to let men make that first move most of the time while we sit back and enjoy their efforts. And by enjoy, I don't mean these one-liners usually meet their objective. Most of the time we just have to smile and shake our heads. Guys, we give you an A for effort, but sometimes you get a little too creative for your own good.

Is it cruel for us to sit around sharing our favorite come-ons? Yeah ... probably. But we're doing it anyway. I polled a few women I know for their all-time favorite unsuccessful pickup lines. Ladies, think maybe we should start coming up with our own pickup lines?

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