Sex Confession: Woman Admits Her Husband's Cooking Turns Her On More Than Sex

food"Sex Confessions" is a series featuring your naughtiest bedroom secrets and fantasies. Some will sound familiar, others may give you ideas, some will turn you on, and some are dark and twisted. You might want to sit down for this.

Linda* is a mom of three boys ... including her husband. Her words. She says her hubby John* sometimes acts like a big kid. She loves her though and he is the best cook ever. That's what keeps their love life alive. He doesn't clean. Never does dishes. Sauce and bits of veggies are often splattered everywhere. But she doesn't care because he makes the best food. He also does all the food shopping. This turns her on. Not his body. Not when he grabs her waist when she's doing the dishes. Not even when he kisses her neck. It's the fact that he's helping out around the house and cooking great food. She fears the day he doesn't cook. Let's let her share more of her confession.


This all started when I began telling John how I felt he didn't do enough around the house. He's busy working -- I get it. I work too though and have two sons plus him making a mess all over the place. They tidy up, but they don't clean. Keeping a house neat is really really hard when you have three guys around. So I was getting frustrated with all of them. And mostly my husband. As a result our sex life suffered. Badly. How can I get turned on by my slob of a husband in our semi-messy house I was so desperately trying to maintain?

We talked. And talked. He cleaned a tub. Swished some cleaner in a toilet bowl here and there and then one day he cooked dinner. Something he typically doesn't do. And VOILA! I wanted to have sex with him again! It was the sight of him cooking that made me so intensely attracted to him again. And then the meal! The food! It was so delicious! I almost didn't need the sex. This was orgasmic pleasure at its finest. But sex we did have. And it was awesome. All was right in the world. There was order in the house. I was cleaning. He was cooking. We were close again.

Sometimes it just takes some small changes to rekindle things.

What do you think of Linda's confession? Does it turn you on when your husband helps out more about the house?


*Names have been changed.

Image via Martin/Flickr


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