Actress Says Kissing Isn't Cheating -- Yeah Right!

kissingWe can hate on actors because they have a boat-load of money, get some serious perks, and perhaps even bathe in liquid gold, but we should really focus on what we should be most envious of them for. Kissing people other than their spouses without repercussions. Because they are actors of course -- it's acting. Not real life. Even though the lips on the lips of another is essentially the same thing whether there are cameras rolling or not.

Perhaps because of this, actress Mindy Kaling from The Mindy Project feels that kissing isn't cheating, and that because kissing someone new is one of the greatest joys of life, married people should allow their spouses to kiss others without any issue. Yeah, okay. Let's see how many married people let this one fly. I think kissing is the gateway drug to sex.


It's cheating. Because kissing is amazing. It's sadly one of the first things to go in a complacent marriage, but wow ... it shouldn't ever go.

I still don't think it should mean a marriage is over and should head to divorce if one person smooched someone outside the marriage. That all depends on how strong the marriage is (and maybe exactly what body parts were being kissed). A weak marriage couldn't survive something like that. But it's still cheating.

We also have to think about what it means when a person wants to kiss or cheat in any way on their significant other. I'll tell you what it means -- it means there are problems -- huge problems. Kaling doesn't really think so when it comes to locking lips. She said:

Marriage is a serious business. [But] kissing is not. Just because I want to kiss someone doesn't mean I want to love that person, share a bed with him ... tell him not to use so much salt, or share one AOL e-mail account. ... it just needs to be treated as an enjoyable legal vice akin to drinking alcohol or gambling.

I consider myself a fairly open-minded person, but this is one idea I just can't get behind for myself. I can't help but feel it would lead to much larger issues for couples if we start allowing our partners to kiss others. No thanks. 

What do you think? Is kissing cheating? Would you allow it? Could you forgive your partner if they kissed someone else?

Image via Julien Lehuen/Flickr

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