This Hot Daddy Cleans Up Nicely (VIDEO)

You've got to love a good sequel. Sometimes, they're even better than the original. Well, this one was, anyway.

Remember our Hot Dad making dinner? Well, he's a full-service guy, apparently, because you will not believe what he does next. Watch the video below, because it's truly awesome.


He CLEANS UP. Perfectly. Now my husband does this too, almost every day, but it's because I cook. This daddy not only made a delicious lasagna and a salad (and poured his wife a glass of wine, from the looks of it), but after dinner he cleans up, loads the dishwasher perfectly, washes the high chair insert, and even wipes down the counter and sweeps the floor.

With his shirt off. And that, my friends, is a pretty sight. Check him out:

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Does your guy clean up? And does he look this hot doing it?

Image via CafeMom Studios

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