Can Your Man Cook Dinner Like THIS? (VIDEO)

My husband often advises guys who are in the midst of wedding planning, "Just pick one thing you know needs to be done, and do it without her asking. It wins you SO many points."

Wise words, no? Because of that, I swear my favorite thing about this latest episode of Hot Dads Doing Chores is not necessarily the hotness (because it's there, oh yes, it's so very much there)  but the fact that he sees a note saying his wife will be home with the kids about 6:30, and immediately sets about making dinner.

Check out the video below and decide for yourself: what's hotter? The guy, or the fact he cooks dinner, with a salad, no less?



Nice, right? I mean, he even pre-rinsed his own shirt -- and treated us to the view when he took it off! I'm not sure why the mom didn't ask Grandma to take the kids to the movies, because one would want to maximize alone time with a guy like that.

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Do you love it when your guy cooks dinner?


Image via CafeMom Studios

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