Watch This Hot Dad Get Steamy! (VIDEO)

Ah, ironing. So sexy. With the the bending and the stretching and the sloowwww stroking of the iron over soft fabric...oh, and the steam. Mrrrroooww.

Okay, maybe ironing in and of itself is the antithesis of sexy. It's boring, I can never get things pressed as nicely as I'd like, and my ironing board lives in our musty basement. I pretty much never do it except in the most desperate of situations; we try really hard to have all our clothes be wrinkle-resistant as much as possible. Most people I know don't do a whole lot of it.

I would do more, however, if I had an ironing partner that looked like the hot dad in the video below.



Wow., amirite? Not only is a man who's willing to take on such a tedious task -- and do it well! -- sexy, but the dad in this Hot Dads Doing Chores clip is wearing underwear that emphasizes his, um, manliness. He clearly spends every minute he's not doing housework in the gym.

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Do you iron? Would you do it more if this guy were helping you out?

Image via CafeMomStudios

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